now i can see it in her eyes: Fireworks

The new roommate, Andrew, hosted a get-together at his house on the Fourth and the view of Birmingham’s ‘Fire on the Mountain’ Firework show was pretty spectacular. It’s another of the perks of living in the great neighborhood of SouthSide. I tried to capture a little of the show, but these photos probably won’t do it justice. Anyway:

The title of this post comes from the first track on the new Drake album, Thank Me Later, which has been on pretty constant rotation since it came out. Not saying that rap is for everyone, but I’ve begun to have a greater appreciation for the complexity of the genre, both musically and lyrically.

Regardless, it was a great time with some old friends and some new ones.

Probably should have had a tripod, but I was pretty happy with how some of these turned out.


  1. Wendell Broussard wrote:

    When I click on the pics they pop up smaller. This is disappointing.

  2. Craig wrote:

    Fixed. Jerk.

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